About Me

I’ve got over 10 years’ experience writing for print and digital but I’ve been writing ever since I can remember.

I love writing. I always have. I was the kid that you could give a pen and some paper to and then not hear a peep out of for hours. Even when I was still at primary school I remember asking my mum how you add a possessive apostrophe to a name that already ends in “s”. I’m a word nerd.

It’s always been my dream to write for a living, and setting up my freelance copywriting business is the next step in that dream. I love working with small businesses who don’t have the time or resources to write themselves, and I’m dedicated to providing a fairly priced, professional service for my clients.

I’m based in Beeston and have lived in Nottingham since 2012.

Claire Baldwin Elytra Copywriting

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Why Elytra?

Elytra (pronounced el-i-truh) are the hard outer wing casings of beetles and other similar insects. It’s the plural form of elytron, and comes from the Greek for sheath or cover.

My logo (created by DWH Design) is based on an Egyptian scarab, as I have always had an interest in ancient Egyptian history and mythology. The scarab is associated with the god Khepri and is symbolic of rebirth and regeneration. Khepri was thought to be a self-creating god, and these concepts of renewal and creating something from nothing are reflected in the work that I do as a copywriter.

My right-paw man

Since May 2019, my miniature schnauzer William (known as Wim) is usually sleeping at my feet or climbing all over my desk and chair while I work.

He’s quite the character, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing! Now he’s an adult, he’s much calmer and better behaved than when he was a puppy but he still has a massive personality and incredible comic timing.

Wim’s favourite activities are meeting other dogs, sleeping in as many different places as possible in the office, and making an unreasonable amount of noise with squeaky toys while I’m trying to work. His favourite places in the world are Bendigo Lounge in Beeston and Matlock. Like just the entirety of Matlock. We only went once but I’m pretty sure it was the best day of his life.

If you’re ever able to meet up with me in Beeston, you’ll probably get the chance to meet my spirited little man.

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Climate Positive Workforce

Elytra Copywriting is a Climate Positive Workforce thanks to Ecologi. Take a look at my profile to visit my forest and see how I’ve helped to reduce carbon emissions and support environmental projects around the world.

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We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi


If you want to find out more about me and my experience, connect with me on LinkedIn, take a look at my testimonials, or send me a message.